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Product Name File Size
Harpic Active Cleaner Liquid 147 kb
Harpic Active Lavender ITB Block 249 kb
Harpic Active Long Life Blue Freshener (ITC) 123 kb
Harpic Bleach Crystals 171 kb
Harpic Flushmatic 156 kb
Harpic Foaming Blue Block Cistern 143 kb
Harpic Hygiene (ITB) -Rainforest 212 kb
Harpic Hygienic (ITB) 183 kb
Harpic Hygienic (ITB) -Citrus 189 kb
Harpic Hygienic Bleach Block 306 kb
Harpic Hygienic Plus Rainforest Scent 153 kb
Harpic Hygienic Plus, Citrus Scent 156 kb
Harpic Hygienic Plus, Lavender Scent 148 kb
Harpic Power Plus Foaming Cistern Block 143 kb
Harpic Power Plus liquid 160 kb
Harpic Power Plus with baking soda 161 kb
Harpic White & Shine Bleach Gel 186 kb
Harpic White & Shine ITC block 367 kb
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